Fortnite Strat Roulette was developed in December 2017.

It was introduced in the Strat Roulette App in the Amazon Store and the App Store
Due to the popularity we decided to make it available to an even bigger community by launching this website.

The same strats are used for both this website and the app. So all suggested strats will also become available in the Strat Roulette App. If you have a strat suggestion or if you want to know anything else, feel free to contact us!

Thank you very much for using this website. We hope that you'll have a great challenging game in your next Fortnite Battle Royale match!

Come in contact with us!
Discord: We now have a discord server! You can play awesome strategies with others and communicate with us!
Reddit: You can also check out our reddit! Feel free to show us and other people how far you've gotten with your challenges!
Twitter: We also have twitter! Follow us to find the latest updates, or just to have a laugh.
Facebook: Check out our facebook for the latest news and updates! You can also find the most popular strat combinations there!

Our other website
Strat Roulette Hub: For Rainbow Six Siege, PUBG and Blackout!

Help us translating
Due to the significant amount of non-English locales, we are looking for bilingual volunteers to help us translate the strategies. If you'd like to help, please contact us Languages that have already been translated could be outdated. If you'd like to know if you could help translate for the already added languages, contact us too!